Use a garden obelisk as a stylish decorative plant support in the garden, or to maintain the shape of a shrub or creeper in a plant pot. Made of solid steel round bar and flat bar. Shotblasted, molten zinc sprayed, etch primed and finished with two coats of enamel paint.

If you have a custom obelisk requirement, send us a picture or sketch with the dimensions that you have in mind.

Cambridge variant
square tube frame,
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Above are our three more popular styles. Each design can be made with different thickness and width of steel which would result in a varied look. If you have a custom design, we would be happy to make according to what suits you. Contact for prices.

Here is an order of 38 Cambridge obelisks which we manufactured for a landscaping company that is on display at the Hazendal Wine Farm in Stellenbosch.

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