What we offer

Products to enhance your garden. Use a trellis to decorate a blank house wall or to raise a garden wall, arches to break hedges, provide support for creepers and frame pathways, plant supports and obelisks to protect and highlight your plants and shrubs, garden gates to deter intruders and keep your pets contained, and topiaries to make pruning easier.


No need to concern yourself with rust - our items are all shotblasted, zinc sprayed, etch primed and finished in two coats of enamel paint to provide the best possible corrosion protection.

Below is what we specialise in

Stylish gates
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All of our custom work is made according to your requirements and taste. We visit your site, establish your requirements, design on CAD, and email, fax or deliver a written quote, at no charge.
Our quote will detail costs for manufacture, delivery and installation. For those who choose to do their own collection or installation, these costs are easily deducted. We install with stainless steel rawlbolts.
All items are shotblasted, molten zinc sprayed and painted with two coats of enamel. Using molten zinc spray instead of galvanising ensures that the gates will have the best corrosion protection, while providing a textured surface which will ensure that the paint never peels of flakes. Robust brackets provide secure, vandal proof mounting points.
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